We know that there are a lot of people that did not grow up with any financial knowledge. Most people had no training at school or college about money and we are then just expected to know how to handle it as adults. Even many parents will not teach their children about it and it can lead to confusion as we get older. We will often be guessing about what we need to be doing when we are making financial decisions and having no understanding of what we need to consider or do to improve ourselves. Therefore, we wanted to help with this and that is why we came up with this website. We have put together some material in order to help people. We hope that everything is well explained and that lots of people will really gain form the information. It is amazing how much difference can be made just by making a few small changes and therefore, we hope that people will come to this website, read the information on it and then start to make some changes which will have impacts on them. We hope small changes lead to larger ones until people are really in control of their money.